15 Facts About Adolf Hitler That Will Give You Chills

Hitler is perhaps one of the evilest men to have ever existed. He was a politician who was born in Austria and ended up becoming the supreme leader of the Nazis. Sure, we may all be joking about grammar Nazis today, but back then such a term produced fear and discrimination. Perhaps one of the most frightening things about Adolf HIitler is that while he is now known as a clearly evil person, he was also charismatic.
Because of his appeal, a lot of people supported his deadly vision, leading to the persecution and suffering of millions of people during the Holocaust. But other things are not quite known about Adolf Hitler.
So, here are 15 shocking facts about the Nazi dictator. Check them out!
1. Hitler was a Nazi spy

Before Adolf Hitler became ruler of the Nazi Party, the dictator actually spied on the group. Thus, he was actually an intelligence agent that initially aimed to discover the plans of the German Worker’s Party, which eventually became the Nazi party.

2. Adolf Hitler stayed in his homeless shelter

Before he became an evil dictator, Adolf Hitler was an aspiring artist who sadly did not get much attention for his works of art. When he did not have enough money, he decided to stay in Vienna’s shelters for the homeless.

3. Martin Luther was one of Hitler’s greatest influences

This might seem odd, but Adolf Hitler took inspiration from Protestant Reformation leader Martin Luther. Martin Luther was a friar who showed distaste over the Catholic church, similar to how Hitler was raised Catholic but eventually hated Christianity.

4. He had a different name before

Before he was called Adolf Hitler, he was first named Adol Shicklgruber. It was his parent named Alois who decided to switch from Schicklgruber to Hitler to establish legitimacy.

5. Hitler had no formal nationality for seven years

Adolf Hitler had always wanted to be part of the imperialist nation of Germany. He was also not impressed with the Austro-Hungarian Empire of Habsburg. Thus, he actually and legitimately decided to renounce his citizenship as an Austrian. Technically, he was nationless for several years until he gained citizenship again by February 1932.

6. Adolf loved whistling a specific tune

Adolf Hitler might be an evil person, but he also had ways to have fun. In fact, he liked to do whistle “When You Wish Upon A Star” and even “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?”.

7. He temporarily lost his eyesight

Due to a mustard gas hitting his camp back when he was a messenger during the first World War, Adolf Hitler temporarily lost his vision. He was then taken to a hospital, and he successfully recovered.

8. Adolf probably had Parkinson’s disease

The Nazi leader had various sicknesses and injuries, but one of the things the doctors diagnosed Hitler with is Parkinson’s disease. Some historians believed that Adolf’s decision-making skills were negatively affected during the Second World War because of the disease.

9. He never went to a concentration camp

Adolf Hitler is evil because he was responsible for the deaths of many people who were taken to concentration camps to suffer until their deaths. There were around 1,200 concentration and death camps, and millions of people had their final moments there. Still, Hitler apparently never went to any of them.

10. Hitler was considered as Man of the Year by TIME

Ideally, the Man of the Year award should be given to a man who establishes peace and changes the world for the better. Sadly, it was a different time back then and TIME, of course, did not know of the succeeding deadly events.

11. Hitler wanted to be a priest

Hitler might have hated Christianity later, but when he was young, he thought of being a priest. When Adolf was just eight years old, he was part of the church choir and had his voice improved thanks to the singing lessons.

12. He lost three siblings early on

Adolf Hitler had six siblings in total. However, he lost three of his dear siblings, namely Otto, Ida, and Gustav, when he was still very young. One of his other siblings also died before Adolf turned 25.

13. Hitler was, ironically, against animal cruelty

Adolf Hitler was reported a vegetarian who showed revulsion towards animal cruelty. Thus, he wanted Germany to protect wild animals legally and to lessen the consumption of animal meat after the war was over.

14. He wanted to create a museum

Adolf Hitler was adamant that every Jew should die, but he also wanted to have memories of the Jews. So, he ordered the collection of paintings and artifacts, among others, that were previously owned by Jews.

15. Hitler most likely consumed cocaine daily

Adolf Hitler was reportedly taking cocaine twice a day. Even his eye drops contained a small substance of the drug. He likely took cocaine to deal with his problems regarding his throat and sinus.

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